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I Create Music

How to become a member?

In order to become a member of Prophon, you need to complete and present us with the following documents:

For producers:

For performing artists:

Upon receipt, your application will be considered by the Membership Board which considers applications for membership dedicated for their meetings three times a year as follows: in January, in May and in September. When your membership application is officially approved, we will prepare and send individual Membership agreement for you to sign. 

If you are both a producer and an artist, you must choose in what capacity to become a member of Prophon, then you can register right in both categories. This is necessary because one and the same individual cannot be a member twice. If you wish to have two separate memberships – as a producer and as an artist, which entails payment of two membership fees and gives you two votes at General Assembly meetings, this is possible only if one of the memberships is through a legal entity.

When the necessary documentation is prepared you need to contact Deyana Karanesheva, the Administrative Director of Prophon, at or +359 2/981 45 41.

Benefits of Prophon's membership.

  • Annual payment of royalties earned by members for the use of their repertoire in the territory of Bulgaria. Prophon is a not-for-profit organization and does not generate income from the collected sums, whilst deducting a small percent of the amount for its administrative operations.
  • Prophon has a wide international network of partners, as well as bilateral agreements for reciprocal representation with other organizations for collective management of related music rights in 18 countries around the world. This enables the organization to collect royalties for its members when their recordings are used in these countries.
  • Prophon distributes the collected remuneration in the most modern and fair way, as close as possible to the actual use - per track/per second. This is due to the information system, implemented in 2013, which brings Prophon closer to the best practices of the leading organization for collective rights management in the world.
  • Royalties are calculated at track level and at individual performer level, based on information about what music is played by licensees.
  • Access to a secure online myPROPHON account where every member can manage their personal details, update their repertoire, stay informed about from whom and how their music is used, to view your payments online, etc.
  • A helpful and dedicated team, available to answer your questions by e-mail, phone, Facebook from 9 am to 6 pm every working day.
  • Access to monthly Member Open Days where you can learn more about what we do and discuss your account with Prophon's staff.
  • Email newsletter sent direct to your email inbox with all the latest news in the industry and Prophon updates.

And if I'm already Prophon's member? 

If you already are a member of Prophon, log in with your personal myPROPHON account to update your repertoire or to see how your music was used.