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In order to broadcast music on the air or on the Internet, every electronic medium needs to have a contract with the organizations for collective rights management: PROPHON for the related rights (those of producers and artists) and Musicautor for the authors’ rights, under which they pay the remuneration due to the creators of the music they use.

How to get a contract for music broadcasting? 

Each contract for music broadcasting in electronic or Internet media is strictly individual and depends on the percentage of music on the air of the respective media and the territory of transmission. For Internet radio stations, the maximum number of simultaneous connections is taken into account.

You need to send an email to with the following information:

  • Legal entity
  • Registered address
  • UIC (Unified Identity Code)
  • Accountable person
  • Contacts for correspondence: contact person, email, address, phone number
  • Name of the program
  • Broadcast coverage of the program
  • Percentage of music in the program time
  • Time duration of the entire program

Upon receipt of this information PROPHON generates an individual contract and calculates the amount due based on our tariffs and discounts.

For additional information and questions, call us on 02/981 45 41.