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Public Performance

Every place of business which plays music needs to have a contract for the public performance of music recordings (audio and/or video recordings) with the respective organizations for collective rights management: Prophon for the related rights (those of producers and artists) and Musicautor for the authors’ rights.

Who needs to have a contract for public performance?

Having a contract for public performance of music is required, regardless of the music source in your place of business:  broadcast/cable/digital/satellite TV, internet, radio, computer, sound audio and/or video system, specially designed background music or program, etc.

The following business places need a contract for public performance:  

  • Hotels, resorts
  • Sports and leisure centers
  • Restaurants, cafes, wineries, pubs, pizza places, cabarets, etc.
  • Disco clubs, night clubs, bars
  • Shops, markets, malls, bazaars, petrol stations, etc.
  • Hairdressers, barber shops, fitness centers, etc.
  • Music and artistic events outdoors, theaters, cinemas, etc.
  • Taxis, buses and other public vehicles
  • DJs
  • Creators of background music.

How to get a contract for public performance?

The process of generating a contract for public performance is brief and simple. This can be done at your place of business through one of our representatives or by sending an email to with the following information:  

  • Legal entity
  • Registered address
  • UIC (Unified Identity Code)
  • Accountable person
  • Contacts for correspondence: contact person, email, address, phone number
  • Number and type of the facilities
  • Seasonality of the facilities
  • Number of rooms (for hotels)/Number of seats (for restaurants, bars and the like)/Sales area (for shops)
  • Copies of the categorization certificates of the facilities

Public performance calculator

Upon receipt of this information PROPHON generates an individual contract and calculates the amount due based on our tariffs and discounts.

Representatives of business place for public performance of music (hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, taxis, etc.) can calculate the approximate amount they will have to pay upon signing a contract with PROPHON for the parameters of their business. The amount does not include our special discounts, which we will gladly present to you in detail upon contact with us.

Special discounts

PROPHON has bilateral agreements with industry organizations such as BHRA (The Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association) and BRA (the Bulgarian Retail Association). Members of these organizations benefit from big discounts when concluding a contract for public performance of music, in addition to the regular discounts which PROPHON offers under certain conditions. Contact us for more information on the discounts for your particular case.  

For more information you can contact our team on the following phone: 02/981 45 41.