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Am I required by law to have a contract with PROPHON if I use music?

If you broadcast/play recorded music or music videos in public (at a place of business, on the media or through retransmission), you are legally required to have a contract with PROPHON, which gives you permission from the copyright holders (producers and artists) to use their repertoire.

How much do I need to pay per month when I use music?

The amount depends on how you play recorded music, as well as the individual parameters of your business. For more details, check our tariffs for media, public performance and retransmission.

Why do I need a contract both with PROPHON and Musicautor?

PROPHON represents the recording producers and the artists. Musicautor represents the composers, songwriters and music publishers.

What happens to the fee I pay?

The collected fees are distributed among and paid to the members and non-members of PROPHON – producers and artists, whose music has been used.

I broadcast radio/television at my place of business. Why do I need to have a contract for public performance?

This is necessary since these are two different type of music use – broadcasting on the radio/television and public performance. Public performance of music is any use of music and music videos at a place of business, regardless of the source – CD/DVD, digital, cable or satellite TV, internet, radio computer or specifically created background music or program.

What music does PROPHON represent?

PROPHON manages the biggest music catalogue in Bulgaria by representing 90 % of the local and global repertoire, including the sound recordings of the three major music companies worldwide (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group), together with 30 000 independent foreign labels, and the repertoire of more than 180 of the most famous Bulgarian and 100 000 foreign artists, bands, music companies and production houses. Check out our catalogue.

How are the collected fees distributed?

PROPHON distributes the collected fees in the most sophisticated, modern and fair way, as close as possible to the actual use of music (per track/per second). This is accomplished by a complex information system, which gives highly detailed and structured information for the distributed remuneration by sources, number of rotations, rights ownership and other important props, ensuring the transparency of the distribution.

Which territories does the contract with PROPHON cover?

PROPHON concludes contracts that give permission from right holders (producers and artists) for the use of their music in Bulgaria. When it comes public performance of music (in a hotel, restaurant, mall) or regional/local media – the contract covers only the business/region in question.

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