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The app myPROPHON is a service designed for use only by PROPHON members, allowing them to register and update their own repertoire, see how and by whom their music is used, and view all the aspects related to the distribution process.   
If you already have a myPROPHON account, you can log in here.
If you're not quite sure how to use the capabilities of the system, download the guide here.
How to create a myPROPHON account?
To be able to use the online service on, first you need to visit the office of PROPHON in order to get user name and password. Afterwards, you can use myPROPHON at any convenient time.
This is required only for data security reasons, because there is personal and sensitive information. This way you and PROPHON both will have the assurance that the access to the data is provided to the right person.
The personal contact at initial registration is a common practice when online services are provided by banks, companies and organizations for utility services, telecommunication companies, etc.
If you are interested how myPROPHON works, download the guide here.